Mom Needs Grace

Musings on the life redeemed & purpose redefined

About October 9, 2010

horiz- final

My name is Dayna and I’m over here raising my babies, reading books, and learning to write (and right) my life out.

I’m currently a full-time homeschooling mother to three amazing kids. I previously worked as a pediatric intensive care RN at an academic medical center.  I’ve been married to my lion-hearted best friend of a husband for 16 years and enjoy the desert life in southern Arizona.

While no stranger to grace, upon becoming a mother I realized that I was going to be in need of a whole new level of extravagant grace. Thankfully, I receive it daily from my Lord, my family, & my friends.

I made this blog public back in 2011 under the name”mommying grace.” After a few years off,  I hope to start recording life around here a little more frequently in 2016.

 While you’re here do take a minute and check out a few of my favorite posts.

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