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Freaky phone edition November 30, 2011

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This Thanksgiving, my iphone camera was also in full effect. Here is a “fewer-word” Wednesday that makes me smile:)

My in-laws’ house has an amazing porch that wraps almost all the way around.

There is usually a sunny side…

…a shady side…

…and a windy side.

I convinced the girls to sit for a brief moment while I captured this little gem.

Love it.

 The big girl quickly bounced up, off to “water” her plants.

The tiny one lingered and discovered this fellow.

She seemed uncertain at first. But then, the strangest thing happened…

She looked around, as if to see who was watching,

slipped him a sly “how YOU doin’?” smile…

and then…

well, things got slightly weird.

She planted one on him!

I’m (laughing) and thankful for my wildly affectionate kids.


Sonoita Thanksgiving November 27, 2011

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This Thanksgiving I gave thanks for…

Wide open spaces.

The table around which to gather.

Time spent in Grandpa’s chair.

Fun in Grandma’s pearls.

Purple mountain majesty.

Father-daughter walks.

Grandfather-daughter laughs.

Evening cloud shadows.

A seat in the midst.

First roping lessons.

And the fullness of so much more.


Finally fall November 2, 2011

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It’s November now and the little fairies are finally able to enjoy the occasional autumn breeze.

Always enchanting.


before this book November 1, 2011

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So I’ve had this crush for about nine months now.

A crush on…

this book.

Now, if you aren’t a book-freak like me, feel free to come back another day. You won’t hurt my feelings one little old bit.

The rest of you, (and you know who you are),perhaps you’ll indulge me and read on.

I call it a crush because I haven’t actually read the book yet. Up until now, I’ve just been admiring it from afar.

It started one late one night when a friend linked up to this blogAnn’s words took my breath away from the start, as she seemed to peer into my very soul. She pointed me gently but constantly to our shared Lord and reminded me of the richest reality that “All is grace.”

When I caught a glimpse of the book on the sidebar, I was certain I had seen it before. Even the simple beauty of the cover art sang sweetly to me.

But I have way too many books! I’m a bit of a book buying addict attempting (questionable) recovery. So I resisted. I didn’t buy it. I didn’t want it to be just another book. And I didn’t check it out from the library because I was sure I would want to write all over it.

I waited.

I simply kept reading her always challenging, always encouraging, often heart-wrenching words so freely sent out into the world over at A Holy Experience. And I fell head over heels for her writing, her images, her heart.

I even dabbled in her list-making printables.

And then a month or so ago, in my search to find a good Bible study, I contacted someone I thought would know. Although I ended up finding just the right Bible study over here, Donita mentioned that her group would be reading One Thousand Gifts starting in November.

And I knew it was time to take Ann’s dare.

So now I have the book. And I have been gazing at it, almost afraid to get started. I’ve heard the buzz and the raves, and have seen the lives shining ever brighter with gratitude.

Well, here I go.

I’ll admit it is kind of weird to be randomly writing about a book I haven’t read yet, but something just makes me want to record the beginning. To get a “before” picture of sorts of my mind and spirit prior to turning a page.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date…with my book.

Have you read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts? Would you like to?

If you want, you can join in. Donita even has a reading schedule and thoughtful discussion questions over here.