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the library grab October 10, 2011

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So it’s been about a year since the girls and I have fallen head over heels in serious library love. Over the course of these past few months, a system has emerged. Casually perusing the shelves with careful decision-making and mulling is simply not an option with kiddos of a certain age. If left to their own devices, these budding bibliophiles could completely unpack the entire children’s section in mere minutes flat!

My current strategy (especially with the little one no longer consistently stroller-bound) is as follows:

1. Do mommy homework of on-line reserving. I love using our library cards to “shop” from home and reserve books (and sometimes movies) based on recommendations of friends, or authors and illustrators we have previously enjoyed.

2. Attend pre-school storytime by the best librarian ever (!!)  to get the majority of squeals and wiggles out before setting foot in the main library facility. Bonus: We get to mingle with some favorite friends, dance, play, and craft too.

3. Proceed to main library. Loud whispers and hilarious “shushing” ensue.

4. Assist two little girls in standing on a chair to drop books down the ever popular book-return chute.

5. Swing by the reserve shelves letter “H” to swiftly snag my pre-planner mom strategic selections.

6. Ensure the full richness of library love by doing a quick tour of the children’s section to grab a couple of impulse books. This is fun and freeing because now they can pick whatever catches their fancy without needing to wade through or deliberate mid-aisle.

7. Proceed to self-checkout (another favorite use of library technology), where the big girl is already adept at the card-book scan all by herself;).

8. Go home and marvel at the way the “quick grab” library selections often put my well- researched ones to shame.

Nancy Gow’s Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose was one of those gems.

We enjoyed the fairy tale-with a message style of this story. The soft lush illustrations by Stephen Costanza were set to lovely rhythmic rhyme.

There was even a musical moral in a featured family song:

I am what I am and that’s all right with me.

I don’t have to be different, I just have to be.

I don’t want to be somebody else. No sir-ee.

I am what I am and that’s all right with me.

The short picture book highlights loving families and confident central characters. It is a sweet simple love story not muddled by pesky perfection.

Sorry gang! No giveaway on this one. But if you are looking for some bookish love, head over to my friend Jessica’s site. This Quirky Bookworm is blogging every day this month and currently hosting this giveaway. Hmm, did I just hear my odds dropping? Oh well,it’s just too much fun to keep to myself.


4 Responses to “the library grab”

  1. We do the library grab too! And last time she grabbed a board book that ended up being adorable. Funny how that works.

    Thanks for the shout-out too! 🙂

  2. Angela Says:

    We have read that book and have loved it…so cute

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Our library “strategies” are very similar. 🙂

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