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It’s strange but true… October 7, 2011

Filed under: sisters,Stuff — dayna @ 5:01 pm

…that some of my favorite pictures of my girls are when they are belted side by side in a Costco cart.

Maybe it’s because they are both actually in the same frame…

Maybe it’s because they will occasionally cheese for the camera phone…

Ok, more than occasionally.

They are even apt to snuggle a little. (The blustery produce section gets them every single time).

This shot from the past week keeps me laughing! Don’t they look terrified? (Of the total, perhaps…I usually am.)

 Then something got them laughing…

Next they “laid back” and chilled a little…

Until they read. A lot.

It’s always an adventure at Stuffmart! Oops- I mean Costco :).

*Anyone catch the movie reference? Got a witty caption possibility? I was fresh out today, but I know they are out there;)


2 Responses to “It’s strange but true…”

  1. I’m so bad at movie references. SO bad. 😦

    You have 2 cuties on your hands!! I love Costco. But the total always scares me, too! I had to renew last week! Eeek!

    • dayna Says:

      It is not a “real” movie reference- so you save some face:)
      One of our favorite Veggie Tales is Madam Blueberry in “Stuffmart.” There is a really sweet little song in it that we like to sing. “A thankful heart is a happy heart….” I hum while I shop sometimes;)

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