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DownEast fashion fun October 3, 2011

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Have you heard of DownEast Basics? Until a few weeks ago, I never had. Now I can say that I’m officially a fan.

A couple of Mondays past, this mama enjoyed a real treat: a night out shopping with some fashionable and fun ladies!

DownEast Basics was launching its new store here in the Old Pueblo and wanting to spread the word about their LIVE for Pink campaign. They invited some notable Tucson bloggers ,(who then graciously included me!), to check out some of their fall fashions.

In searching their website, DownEast Basics was described as Anthropologie style clothing with Target pricing. That sounded great! I was also impressed by the fact that now through October 16, they are donating 50% of all proceeds from sales of their Live for Pink tee line to the cancer awareness organization Needs Beyond Medicine.

So, after a fun crosstown carpool with the lovely likes of Becca, Kelly, Darcie, & Linsay, we descended upon the little boutique. The staff welcomed us with gift bags containing $25 gift cards (I KNOW!), chocolate, and promotional pricing. Uh, brainwashed much? (Just kidding. I vow to always give my completely honest opinion over here, even if the goodie bags start flying around).

The clothes were adorable basics with lots of vintage-inspired details. They were reasonably priced, and I got the impression that the company regularly offers sales and deep promotional deals. They were doing buy one, get one half off on accessories the night we went.

I planned ahead of time to take full advantage of the child-free, opinionated-friend-heavy shopping night if I fancied any of the clothes. DownEast Basics didn’t disappoint. And neither did my friends. I was glad to see Nicole, Chelsea, and Karen and happy to meet the stylish Val, the glowing Leah, and Sharla with her gorgeous newborn in-tow.

Unlike my usual shopping companions, these ladies managed to refrain from urgent “Mommy!”s, hiding in clothing racks, or deconstructing elaborate displays. There may however, have been some delighted squeals which served to put me at ease 😉

I brought home clothes with just enough pizzazz to invigorate my standard jeans and t-shirt wardrobe. I may even be inspired to play dress up a little more often.

My resident paparazzi was out-of-town when I went to model, so I learned a lot of lessons about taking bad self-portraits in my first solo fashion shoot. I’m sure you’ll notice that my head is cropped out of all these shots. The squinty eye and camera strap thrown over my hair just didn’t look so hot with the cute fashions.

Here’s my haul:

They had this lacy overshirt in unexpected colors. I chose “kangaroo”. I also got a turquoise capsleeve t-shirt to go underneath.

I think I may wear it with this copper flecked snap cuff because I am trying to look grown up and accessorize lately.

I did cave and grab my one of my uniform t-shirts with pretty details. But this one is super-soft indigo and has a velvet ruffle on the scoop neckline.

Maybe I’ll dress it up with these romantic looking chandelier earrings.

BTW: Do you know that it is pretty much impossible to take a picture of your own earrings while they are on your head?! Oh well, I still thought they looked more interesting here than just laying on their merchandising card;).

And finally, I brought home this little black dress with rosette skirt that makes me want to channel my inner Audrey. Updo and ballet flats, if you please…

Now, I’m not quite sure how these clothes will hold up to my laundry boot camp; it is pretty much sink or swim around here: no special treatment.

But I am happy that my choices still thrilled me when I tried them on the next day after the glow faded. No returns necessary, thank you!

I like my purchases so much that I am not-so secretly excited to explore the little girls clothing and home goods on their website.

All in all, it was a lovely experience and I can’t wait to get together with this fun bunch again.


6 Responses to “DownEast fashion fun”

  1. How fun!! Now I wish I’d been able to go. (And I l love the dress on you, so cute!)

  2. Angela Says:

    You got some sassy clothes, love them!

  3. Leah Says:

    It was great to meet you! Hope you’re enjoying your haul and that you’ve found a reason to wear that LBD? Hope so!

    • dayna Says:

      I enjoyed meeting you too, Leah! I hope we bump into each other (in real life) again really soon.
      I noticed on your blog that you are a Barefoot Books gal- we love them!

  4. I loved your post! You found some great outfits (do people even say that anymore?) – and that dress -I love it!!!
    I’m glad you have a laundry bootcamp, too. I do, and I always feel bad, but seriously- I do too much laundry to be washing small special loads.

    • dayna Says:

      Yeah- outfit may sound outdated but what is the “hipper” alternative? “Look” maybe? I don’t know- I’m old.
      I still like to tell my husband that I like his outfit sometimes. It drives him bonkers! He insists that men don’t wear outfits!

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