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1.75 September 8, 2011

Filed under: Milestones,sisters — dayna @ 11:55 pm

You are my charming climber. A tiny bundle full of seeming contradictions.

You’re a classic beauty with a decidedly pixie twist.

You have your daddy’s baby blues and your mama’s elfin ears.

You cock your head and work a sweet dimpled smile when caught in so much mischief.

You are friendly, (mostly) polite, but flirtatiously coy.

You try on big words, your sister’s games, and your mommy’s facial expressions.

You have the sweetest breathy voice and say “Ok, Mommy,” and “Hi, Daddy” with pure sunshine warmth.

You are determined and flash your steely will with “No!” “Mine!” and “I DO it!”

You love books, “organizing,” and climbing shelves, stools, bathroom vanities (see left).

Your world stands still when you see a dog, a baby, or (gulp) a certain purple dinosaur.

You have a highly developed sense of humor and can get your big sister laughing like no one else. She happily returns the favor.

The most recent sweetest thing: your big sister gets very upset if you don’t tuck her in at night with a hug and kiss.

You adore her… but stand your ground.

You are shockingly athletic and raise many eyebrows with your physical prowess at playgrounds and jumping castles state-wide.

You are tiny, but mighty.

You are so much person in so dainty a frame.


One Response to “1.75”

  1. […] You are the sweetest big sister. Now, even when you are frustrated, you are attentive. I overhear you giving gentle instruction and encouragement. You intentionally soothe, entertain, and lavish affection on ”your” baby girl. And she adores you. […]

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