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unexpected gratitude August 6, 2011

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On a tough day, it may seem like a thankless job. All this planning out, caring for, responding to, pulling together, sometimes “just doing the best we can” parenting gig.

But then, something beautiful happens, and oh, how it can rejuvenate a spirit. How it makes life sparkle and all seem so worthwhile again.

The little one recently started thanking us. Really thanking us.

Without prompting and with effusive gratitude.

With huge round eyes, clear words, upturned mouth.

“Tank coo, Mommy.”

“Tank coo, Daddy.”

“Tank coo, sisser. Walcom.” She often replies to herself:).

She thanks us for everything: a snack, a drink, a book, a blanket, a diaper change, a nursing session, even tickles. It’s kind of pathological, really.

But it is soothing balm.

Her sincerity stops my hurried spirit. Brings a smile. It allows peace and joy to come rushing back.

This sweet gratitude from the most unexpected tiny place.

She gently reminds me that the answer to any dilemma, the cure for any wrong attitude of mine, can be found in thankfulness.

I only hope and pray that my gratitude is similar sweet music to His ears.

Even when it is deliberate, often clumsy. Please… let it be this sincere.

Let it be this pure.

May my soul simply breathe “Thank you, Father.”


3 Responses to “unexpected gratitude”

  1. carol thomas Says:

    I’m thankful for the woman you have become and the blessing of my granddaughters.”I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.”
    Philippians 1:3

  2. stephanie Says:

    Such lovely girls you’re raising!

  3. […] 3. I have learned about perspective. Although I still struggle with priorities, this is the main reason I don’t want to give up on this endeavour.  Somehow, when I see my life and world in snippets of stories to treasure or choose to relay, it looks vastly different. This perspective helps remind me what I have to laugh at, pray about, rejoice in, and give thanks for. […]

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