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Another Arizona July 27, 2011

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One of the best parts about this glorious state is the sheer scope of her variety.

Last month, our little family was blessed to be able to escape the pre-monsoon Tucson heat and turn a work trip into a mini family vacation in the other Arizona.

Up north, where the temperatures are about 30 degrees cooler and they have some of these tall things…

and these…

(She called them “porcupines” for the first couple of days.)

One especially ambitious day, the little girls and I started our morning at a nearby campus coffee shop that had me drooling.

Can’t miss that schnidling of cinnamon-y deliciousness on this pensive face 🙂

Those hipster students and highly intellectual professors didn’t quite know what hit them with our mischievous but joyful mom-and-kid trio.

Next we headed up a lovely winding dirt road to The Arboretum.

We were in awe of the natural beauty, but the ladies had the most fun in this…

… the tree ring maze.

There was wandering. And much climbing.

And later…

…blissful vacation exhaustion. A day to cherish.


One Response to “Another Arizona”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Isn’t Arizona magnificent? The variety is truly outstanding.

    P.S. Your kids have the sweetest pixie faces.

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