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Adventures in plant-sitting May 24, 2011

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“Really?” you say. “A post about plant-sitting?” I know! Doesn’t get much more thrilling than this, folks.

The little ladies and I have had a teensy bit more responsibility lately.

I would love to say we have risen to the challenge, and we kind of have…I guess.

Apparently a green thumb may skip a generation or (ahem) two.

The house is doing okay. The stacks of mail are thriving. The plants, however, are about eighty percent alive.

A co-worker of mine who also happens to be a neighbor has been overseas for a couple of weeks and we have been “helping” out. In all the creative ways you would expect from a team of toddler, pre-schooler, and scatter-brain.

It’s pretty straightforward really.

Here’s how it goes:

Our double jogger swings by our friend’s mailbox on our nearly daily morning walks. We head to the house, drop off the mail, check for packages, and then… divide and conquer.

The big girl proceeds to the kitchen to do serious work rearranging refrigerator magnets into pattern masterpieces. She also busies herself scheming up worthy reasons to climb the two flights of stairs. (It does occur to me what a bizarre up-bringing she is having in our home with its non-magnetic fridge and stair-lessness ).

The little one initially entertained herself playing with the dog toys. (Don’t worry. The dog is safely tucked away at an alternate undisclosed location). But then she got interested in her big sister’s kitchen activities…

Excuse me while I interrupt this post to insert a brief public safety announcement: Ok, moms- your child-free friends are under absolutely no obligation to “child-proof” their homes;)

Yeah, so… I basically blinked and the lightning-fast, freakishly-strong tiny one comes back around the corner lugging a gallon of bleach. She pretty much gets to stay strapped into the jogger since then.

Meanwhile, I “tend” the plants. I have mainly been attempting heroic measures on the poor plant above. I’m thinking maybe too much wet, too much dark in those crucial first few days. She has been relocated and left to dry, but I am sad to report that my attempts to resuscitate her have officially been in vain.

On the bright side, the herb garden is going strong despite my best efforts. So much so, that I am gradually being lulled into believing that maybe I could manage one of my very own…someday.

Yup. We are quite the team. I’m pretty sure you your plants couldn’t afford us.

I was about to enlist your horticulture help to identify the above pitiful plant so I could find a suitable replacement… when my husband informed me that it was a mini schefflera. Well then!

The man has rare talents, indeed.

How’s your houseplant IQ?

* In answer to the countless inquiries we usually get: the big sis is wearing her TwirlyGirl dress courtesy of Stephanie about a year ago. It’s reversible (!) and she would wear it every single day if only her mom did laundry that often;)


5 Responses to “Adventures in plant-sitting”

  1. I wish I could help you save the plant Dayna, but I have the same, if not worse luck with gardening. I will tell you that our Basil plant just keeps coming back every year, even though we usually forget to water it:)

    Love the bleach story, sounds like a preview of Miss Lily in the months to come!

  2. Kelly Hadden Says:

    You’re crafty with those words: “freakishly-strong”.

    I don’t know how she zeros in on the most dangerous, messiest, sharpest, highest things in the room, but she does.

    Something appealing about the self-deprcating humor (ea green thumb generation skipping)…

  3. Michael is plant-sitting now, too. And I had to have another neighbor help because the plants are VERY spoiled and there are about 25 of them. And my thumb? Black as can be.

  4. stephanie Says:

    That dress is gorgeous on her! I would wear it every day too if I looked half as beautiful. 🙂

    Tim has a decided green thumb. He sometimes surprises me with his “plant know-how” too.

    • dayna Says:

      She does really enjoy that dress. I’m not sure when I will be able to pack it up for the baby sister:)
      That’s it- our husbands will have to start herb and vegetable gardens for us when you guys return.

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