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No “no”s May 11, 2011

Filed under: Motherhood — dayna @ 11:30 pm

She is seventeen months old.

Her day is filled with “no”s.

Her mother’s: alternately gentle, firm, urgent.

Her big sister’s: frequent, close, often frantic.

Her own: the most emphatic of all. Little head shaking so vigorously she nearly falls over.

And then, eventually…

 she sleeps.

No more “no”s.

Until tomorrow…


6 Responses to “No “no”s”

  1. What a great description of her day! I have said, with both of my children, that I thought the age 12-24 months is the hardest because of SO many no’s and not always enough words to communicate it!
    She is super cute!

    • dayna Says:

      It is a tricky age with all the busy-ness and curiousity. So many hazards and too lengthy explanations are not helpful. I find myself saying “Danger!” all too often…

  2. Oh, the “no” stage. I remember thinking that I just couldn’t take another no.

    But then I did. And I was thankful because some parents don’t get to hear “no.”

    But then I was frustrated because I heard “no” 15 more times.

    Ugh. The “no” stage.

    • dayna Says:

      What a great way to keep it in perspective Becca. I try to remember to be thankful for the tough stuff of parenting sometimes. You are right- we are lucky to have the “no”s, the “boo-boo”s and the messes, aren’t we?

  3. stephanie Says:

    She is so sweet & petite.

    We have our fair share of no’s around here too. From all 4 of us.

    • dayna Says:

      This post came about because some nights I was just finding myself so sick of the word. I just felt like I couldn’t hear it or say it one more time!
      Then I started to think how our world must sound to her…so frustrating.
      I have to confess- she is just so cute when she says it. Forcefulness coming from this dainty little girl!

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