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Couldn’t wait until next year… May 9, 2011

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So last week I planned on finishing a predictable inaugural Mother’s Day post. But then, the week and weekend took some unpredictable turns. (Why am I still surprised by this? Seriously!)

Rather than waiting another year to post an “ode to mom,” I’ve decided to go ahead and put it out there today. An unpredictable date for this unpredictable (in all the fun ways) woman seems sort of fitting. So here goes…

I am truly blessed in the mom category. I have an abundance of mother figures who really love my girls and me.

This year though, I’ll tell you about my mommy:

How adorable is she? And yup, I am the seriously un-adorable younger one;)

I purposely didn’t crop this photo so you could take a moment to admire the 70’s decor in all its wood-paneled, olive-green glory.

Some things my mother taught me:

    • She taught me not to blindly follow current practices in motherhood. She went with natural childbirth and breastfeeding in an age of anesthesia and formula-feeding.
    • She taught me that hand-made is often the best made. She was, and still is, a master crafter.
    • She taught me that a vivid imagination is to be encouraged, and that in childhood, it ought to trump terminal tidiness.
    • She taught me what determination and accomplishment look like. She is a marathoner- both literally and figuratively.
    • She taught me that frugality doesn’t mean living with no “treats.” It just makes them more delightful.
    • She taught me that education is important, but that a love of learning is greater. She was never afraid of us missing school to go to events, festivals, or museums.
    • She taught me that giving is essential. And that giving sneakily is fun!
    • She taught me that time spent appreciating the arts, both fine and performing, is rarely time wasted.
    • She taught me that forgiveness and grace are not a sign of weakness. They are greatest strength.
    • She taught me that one should honor their parents, even when they aren’t necessarily honorable.
    • She taught me that prayer is the most powerful thing, even if my heart is the only thing it changes.
    • She taught me to follow my dreams, but that my dreams may change.
    • She taught me to love books, love nature, love people.
    • She still teaches me to find the good in everyone, the beauty in the small things, and the adventure in the ordinary.
    • As a grandmother, she continues to remind me that children are such a blessing.


5 Responses to “Couldn’t wait until next year…”

  1. Kelly` Says:


  2. Laura A Says:

    That made me cry, D. What a wonderful message to a truly wonderful woman! Even though she is not actually my mom, I am beyond blessed to call her my step mom.

    • dayna Says:

      I’m so glad you read this sis. And thank you for commenting! She is pretty amazing, isn’t she?
      Your Daddy is a blessing in my life as well 🙂

  3. stephanie Says:

    What a wonderful tribute, Dayna.

    I see many of those same traits in YOU.

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