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Risen April 24, 2011

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So today didn’t go quite as expected.

Our Easter “sunrise service” consisted of me holding back hair as the three-year old dealt with a 6 a.m. tummy bug. Needless to say, no church attendance for us today.  We thought it better not to share the germs. You’re welcome!

But you know, kids “do sick” so differently than adults, don’t they? By 10 a.m. she was clamoring for some festivities. Thankfully, the grandparents in our family aren’t the type to mind if we show up with certain bins in tow. Color-coordinated with dresses, of course :).

The day was filled with beautiful spring weather, food, and celebrations of faith. We enjoyed a little family time, even though something about this year made much of our loved extended family seem extra far away…

Although we have fun with some of the more secular aspects of Easter tradition like egg hunts, baskets, and decorations; I have often wondered if it confuses the message for children. 

But tonight, while tucking in and saying prayers, I found some peace.

The big girl said so simply “Jesus died on the cross and came back to life so we could be with God.” Well, there you go.

Today I am remembering that I live…only because He lives.

He is risen.


Anybody know of any good Easter-related books for the little ones? I couldn’t find what I was looking for at the library.  I would love your creative suggestions!


5 Responses to “Risen”

  1. I’m glad your little one felt better on time to take part in some Easter morning fun.

    I’ve often wondered whether the baskets and egg hunts deter from the real meaning of the holiday as well. This year, I put together some “resurrection eggs” for the younger two. We opened them together on Good Friday and talked about the crucifixion and resurrection. I was really impressed with how well they seemed to “get it”. It was easy to put the eggs together but if you’d rather you can also buy them from Family Christian stores…just a thought.

    • dohadden Says:

      I have heard of resurrection eggs but not really looked into the specifics. I will probably look into the make-your-own approach rather than the Christian bookstore. I tend to avoid those places these days. I always have fun spending too much money there.
      I definitely want to do something to make Easter more meaningful and honest (?) next year. Although I, like you, was amazed by how well my three year old seemed to get it. I have a lot to learn about that open faith sometimes… She can just boil it all down to the essence.
      Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. stephanie Says:

    We spent Easter w/ my sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews (ages 1 & 3) in Bristol, VA. They attend a small presbyterian that would be considered a little more “conservative” (not sure if that’s the right word…they sing hymns, most of the women wear dresses, some wear head-coverings, etc.).

    Anyway, I told Tim afterward how REFRESHING it was that no one mentioned Easter eggs or baskets or bunnies or fancy dresses. They did, however, have a big “feast” in the evening with dinner, wine, and dancing. So fun.

    We’re still wrestling with how we want to “do” holidays. I want to make them sacred, but also exciting. There’s not really a right or wrong way about it though. Ultimately, I think each family needs to decide what makes sense for them.

    • dohadden Says:

      That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate Easter: family and faith.

      I thought a lot this year about a Bretheren church that we went to for a while when I was growing up. A very different model of Easter service.
      I also remember attending something they called a “love feast” probably over Passover or on Good Friday. You actually washed each others feet. It sounds a little strange but I remember it as being especially meaningful.
      I will probably do a little more research on our plans for next year. You ladies have given me some great ideas…
      I think your use of the word sacred is perfect. That is what I most want to protect and convey- but also want to celebrate!

  3. […] farmer’s market was decent, but the egg hunt was just sort of ho-hum; one of the many reasons we will probably do something different next […]

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