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Girls love horses (on pajamas) March 17, 2011

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The girls’ brilliant and well-traveled equine-vet auntie recently sent them these little gems…

She said that she found them in Vancouver in a boutique that carries nothing but “horsey” clothing for little girls. Oh my!

They are cute, comfy, and clever. These super softies are made by a neat family company called Hatley.

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out their website. If you know a girl who is horse crazy, (and who doesn’t?), they have some very unique gift items

Look at some of the special details on the pajamas:

The company logo is part of the grippy feet!

These little hearts are sweetly stitched on the shoulder.

The site has all sorts of fun stuff worth at least window shopping.

(Insert awesome bloggy giveaway here… Sorry, just kidding! I know, that was mean. Maybe someday when I get my act together;) For now, the company just gets a little free publicity.)

Please indulge me in just a couple more silly gratuitous kid shots:

Uh-oh… starting to get the look…

Aaaaand, we’re done!


8 Responses to “Girls love horses (on pajamas)”

  1. carol thomas Says:

    I visited their online store. Great sale on girls rainboots. Didn’t I hear someone say their rainboots are too small? Also a fan pic contest.

  2. Christiana Ober Says:

    Im so glad they fit! The girls look great and happy to show off their new horsey wear. I will already apologize for the first time they ask for a pony:).
    Auntie C

  3. Paul Ober Says:

    These two are just too cute for words.

  4. I have been eying a pair of elmo pajamas by this company for some time:) Their products are on I just may go for them!

    The horseys PJ’s are fabulous. I’d like a pair for myself! Kisses to the girls from me and Lily~

    • dohadden Says:

      I strongly recommend. I’m pretty sure you are the winner of my imaginary giveaway (again;)
      And they do have mommy-sizes as well. Maybe you and lily could get matching elmo jammies- wow! That is so weird it makes me LOL.

  5. stephanie Says:

    Are they cute or what? (Yes, they are).

    I love those unique and girly PJs.

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