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Well on their way March 8, 2011

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…and giving each and every day. 

Do you know these people? They’re pretty great. I’m devoting this post to them because I’m sure you will agree.

This is the Sheaffer family and some months ago they had a little dream. Ok- a big dream. More like a family vision. That turned into a mission. That is now an actual adventure. A very real reality.

While living their fairly “normal” life here in southern Arizona, they started feeling like their little family could live in an even more radical way and Give Every Day. So, long story short, they sold almost everything they owned, bought an RV, and committed to this journey.

Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not quite as crazy as you would first think. You see, this crew has already been successful at some pretty amazing things. (Check out Stephanie’s incredible blog for example). They are entrepreneurs, planners, and great parents to their delightful (and portable) little girls.

So, a little more than a month ago, off they went. It has clearly not been easy thus far.  It started with a blown transmission on… um, Day 1. Ugh. Some dental emergencies, homesickness, some real sickness. But still, somehow, they have found a way to literally give every single day. (And write about it- beautifully). It may not be easy… but it continues to be inspiring.

They have given in some of those wonderful “bigger” ways like feeding the homeless and volunteering at food banks or shelters. They have often highlighted some really amazing organizations like Mercy House Kenya, Morgan’s Wonderland (you have GOT to check this place out), Kiva, and World Vision.

But some of the smaller ways have been especially inspiring in their “do-ablity.” Stuff we can all do right where we are, right now. Stuff like donating blood, surprising the next person in line or a cashier, remembering birthdays, letting a spouse sleep in, baking cookies, calling grandparents. When they give like this, I am reminded that there are really no “small” ways. I am reminded that all giving makes a difference.

So I hope you’ll join me in following their journey, encouraging their compasssionate hearts, and applauding them in their sense of adventure, courage, and determination.

Please excuse my link-littering here, but the blog is just that good.  And I wanted to catch you up :). I hope you will support them by leaving them a comment, doing your Amazon shopping through their button, or inviting them over when they hit your town! Seriously.

Hmmm, how am I going to give this day?

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