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Not my intended post but… January 26, 2011

Filed under: Faith — dayna @ 3:05 am

I have to mention it. I am being “wooed”. I can just tell.

From the person of faith I bump into unexpectedly at the perfect time, who says just the right thing, asks the most insightful question, or offers a gentle suggestion.

To the patient’s mother who, after a night of conversation and prayer, produces a beloved devotional and presses it into my hands. It’s a good one. And fitting: Streams in the Desert. Have you read it?

To my mother-in-law who in her casual but significant way passes along a little Beth Moore paperback. If Beth Moore and my mother-in-law want you to get closer to God- look out! Those ladies and Jesus- they’re like this (my fingers crossed and raised). 

And now there is this whole other “wooing” arena. Clearly God loves the internet and blogosphere 🙂 Ok- maybe not all of it. But He makes it pretty apparent to me that He can use a lot of it to accomplish His purposes. Who knew?

I know this is happening. I know He does this. I know He is up to something. I’ve been off-track. My priorities out of whack. There is this anxious churning in my stomach or heart or somewhere that seems only to calm when I sit down at my kitchen table and crack a certain Book.

It must sound more than a little self-centered to hear me say that I believe that Almighty God is trying to get me to spend more time with Him. Crazy, right? That is if you don’t know Him.

If you do know Him, I hope you have felt this. And if you don’t know Him yet, I’m pretty sure He wants you to know that you are so precious to Him. Yup, the God of it all wants to spend some time with you too.

Got woo? Tell me about it…



10 Responses to “Not my intended post but…”

  1. charliehadden Says:

    Wow, I’m humbled by your kind words. I’ll always remember when Beth blessed J in Tucson last year. God is so awesome and loves each of us as His little children, like we love ours.

  2. carol thomas Says:

    The Bible refers to the “hound of heaven” pursuing us. I have truly experienced God’s “wooing and pursuing” in my life.
    Streams in the Desert is 1 of my all time fav orite devotionals. Over the years I have read it many times and each reading brings new insights and encouragement. God wants us to “finish strong”

  3. dohadden Says:

    Thanks Ma. I have heard the “hound of heaven” phrase before. Aaawoo?
    I had always wanted to read Streams in the Desert. Guess it is just the right time now.

  4. Short, sweet, and powerful post my friend! I’ve been feeling my faith being strengthened with each new day I have with Lily. Most powerful moment of my life=that morning she was born and I swear I feel God’s presence in that room. May sound a bit cliché but it really was a spiritual experience, the transition from selfish Amanda to mommy Amanda.

    Love you and your blog!

    • dohadden Says:

      Love you and yours too sister.
      I continue to be amazed by how much motherhood teaches me about God and His love for us. I am so thankful you are in my life to share the experience.

  5. stephanie Says:

    Yes, I have felt that before. Perhaps I *always* feel that? I just have to be better about responding…

  6. heather Says:

    My friend – your words have always touched me … I needed this message right now. Thank you.

    Who’s got Neff’s contact info? She needs to see this material! You are still an amazing writer, as I’ve always remembered.

    • dohadden Says:

      Heather! So glad to hear from you friend! I appreciate your kind words. You have been on my mind & heart since a FB post of yours I read a while back. I’ll send you a note- but for now- thanks!

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