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How a playground helped my marriage… January 6, 2011

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*Please excuse the cell phone pictures. This blogging venture is certainly going to teach me not to run around without my camera 🙂

The playground

So there is this park not too far from my house, that the girls and I stop at often when we are out running errands. It isn’t large, but it is well maintained and has all the essentials of a good park.  There is a great little playground with multiple climbing or sliding options, and that cool recycled-tire-squishy-rubber stuff on the ground.  There is a canopy stretched over the playground to shade it from the full strength Arizona sun.  There is also a nice grassy area (kind of a novelty out here), with a good hill for running or rolling down.  There are a couple of swing sets complete with “baby swings” and even a little amphitheater perfect for my little performing prancery-dancery playing girls.

Mountain view

We love this little park and the peaceful feel of its scattered benches under mature vegetation.  We enjoy the friendly “comings and goings” of the community that it serves.

This is a memorial park.  It rests beside the home church of a hero.  The park was completed about a year ago as a tribute to Officer Erik Hite who was shot and killed in 2008 while pursuing a suspect.

Hill roller

A couple of mornings ago, the girls and I played at this park.  It was one of those gorgeous sunny but snow-capped, (in the distance, of course), sort of days that we enjoy here. As I stopped to catch my breath, I saw Officer Hite’s name and the plaque in his honor.  My heart ached with the knowledge that there is a family in our community who is desperately missing him. Kids who are missing their daddy.  A wife who is missing her husband. Who would give just about anything to have him back…

And our family has one right now.  And he is a good one.  And I know I don’t appreciate him nearly enough. 


He may not do everything exactly the way I would (thank goodness!).  I may not always agree with his choices. But he is here and he loves us and we would be so. lost. without. him. 


How do you remember to appreciate every moment with your husband? Does he know you appreciate him?


11 Responses to “How a playground helped my marriage…”

  1. Kelly` Says:

    ok, wow

  2. Heather B Says:

    I am blessed by reading this today. Dayna you write so beautifully and have made a difference in my day! Thank you. Love you and Kel and the girls lots.

  3. Aww I love this!
    Also serves as a good reminder to thank a police officer 🙂 Officer Hite was a hero for sure.

  4. stephanie Says:

    What a beautiful tribute (and an incredible photo of your guy and his two girls).

    You two make an awesome team and we are truly privileged to know you both.

  5. carol thomas Says:

    Dayna, I’m thrilled that you are doing this. I don’t think we can ever tell our husbands too often or too much that they are loved & appreciated.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  6. JulieK Says:

    Ugh – your post just hit me right in the gut… I just got done pouring my mommy-hood griefs into my hubby’s ears… he probably does NOT think I appreciate him at all right now… although I do. I do. Thanks for the reminder that our family also would be so lost without our hubby/daddy too… what a great post, and congrats on starting your blog!
    (Stopping by at MetMama’s suggestion! Nice to “meet” you!)

    • dohadden Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Julie 🙂 My husband puts up with a lot of my unappreciative stuff too. I was thankful to be reminded that despite all my grumbles, we really do need him. Thanks for coming.

  7. I drive by that park often and every time I see his name I remember that day in our city’s history. A terrible loss for that family indeed.

    However…I think his family might smile at the fact that in his memory, you give thanks for your own husband.

    • dohadden Says:

      Thanks for commenting Darcie! I hope that it would bring them joy and not pain.
      My perspective really needs regular adjustments like this or I just grumble grumble and take things (and people) for granted.

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