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Not my intended post but… January 26, 2011

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I have to mention it. I am being “wooed”. I can just tell.

From the person of faith I bump into unexpectedly at the perfect time, who says just the right thing, asks the most insightful question, or offers a gentle suggestion.

To the patient’s mother who, after a night of conversation and prayer, produces a beloved devotional and presses it into my hands. It’s a good one. And fitting: Streams in the Desert. Have you read it?

To my mother-in-law who in her casual but significant way passes along a little Beth Moore paperback. If Beth Moore and my mother-in-law want you to get closer to God- look out! Those ladies and Jesus- they’re like this (my fingers crossed and raised). 

And now there is this whole other “wooing” arena. Clearly God loves the internet and blogosphere 🙂 Ok- maybe not all of it. But He makes it pretty apparent to me that He can use a lot of it to accomplish His purposes. Who knew?

I know this is happening. I know He does this. I know He is up to something. I’ve been off-track. My priorities out of whack. There is this anxious churning in my stomach or heart or somewhere that seems only to calm when I sit down at my kitchen table and crack a certain Book.

It must sound more than a little self-centered to hear me say that I believe that Almighty God is trying to get me to spend more time with Him. Crazy, right? That is if you don’t know Him.

If you do know Him, I hope you have felt this. And if you don’t know Him yet, I’m pretty sure He wants you to know that you are so precious to Him. Yup, the God of it all wants to spend some time with you too.

Got woo? Tell me about it…



A day in the PV… January 24, 2011

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I’ve missed this “blogosphere” a lot! I didn’t think I would be away so long. I guess I haven’t really found my personal posting rhythm yet. Well, to get the ball rolling, I’ll just share a few photos from a recent trip.

(And the “PV” is Prescott Valley, AZ, in case you were wondering :))

Sleeping-in sisters

A tent,

a tunnel,

and a tea party...

gone terribly wrong.


Later that day...

setting out...

to the donkey destination.

Always an adventure 🙂


Almost… January 13, 2011

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You didn’t think a chatterbox like me could start out with a truly “wordless Wednesday” did you?





Love this place...


Un-Christmas January 12, 2011

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Incognito- look closely!

 We took down the last of the Christmas decorations yesterday. There weren’t that many, but the big girl got especially attached to them this year. I’m pretty sure that she will have a period of withdrawal.  No more leaping out of bed in the morning to admire our little Christmas tree. No more quizzing me on all the different people pictured in the photo cards we received. (I love getting those, don’t you?) No more playing with the “activity” set (that’s nativity to you :)), while her baby sister naps because the tiny sheep are choking hazards.  And of course, there will have to be some serious debriefing for a couple of nutcracker princes who were fully integrated into Fisher Price Little People culture. 

Gingerbread house

Apparently three is the age that Christmas truly becomes magical. It really was spectacular to see everything through her eyes this year.  Most spectacular of all, was that it was magical long before her awareness that there might be any gifts involved. She simply couldn’t get enough of stories about baby Jesus or the people and animals that may have attended him. She would squeal and get all glittery-eyed over even the smallest strand of lights or pretend snow. Her little voice was lifted in carols all month-long, and she is fairly certain she can dance every single role in The Nutcracker given the proper attire.

Her excitement was contagious. We delighted in the Christmas crafts, some Christmas baking, and a little decorating.  She loved helping to wrap and package gifts for others, but certainly seemed to get the hang of unwrapping a few of her own. The little one had a great time too, but was pretty much along for the ride this year.  Next year she may be a different story…


Maybe next year these parents will have the Santa situation all figured out.  Maybe next year we will keep our resolve to not buy toys, secure in the knowledge that the  grandparents and aunties will have a blast doing just that.

Next year we will find a few more ways to give as a family that could really have an impact. Next year we will probably start the countdown a little sooner. (Maybe we’ll try Becca’s advent calendar). We are going to have to do something because she is already asking when Christmas is coming…


But for little girls ages one and three, this year was so much fun and just right. It was filled with faith, fun times, &  family.


Shhh! Don’t tell them… I think they have forgotten that because we are especially blessed in the grandparent department, we get to stretch the festivities a little longer and celebrate with the last set the end of January!


Do you decorate for Christmas? When do you take your decorations down? 


The biggie



Weekends Round Here January 7, 2011

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Just in case you are someone I don’t know personally just yet, I work outside my home on the weekends. I work night shift (7 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.) as an RN in the pediatric intensive care unit of an area hospital.

Although I’m sure there are bound to be some “work-related” posts in the future, for now I’ll just mention that I work with some amazing people, taking care of amazing kids, with (mostly) amazing families. The work is challenging, rewarding, but infinitely tougher since becoming a mother. Let’s just say that I’m certainly not ready to quit my (week)day job 🙂

Our family is  blessed by the “flexible” schedule that my occupation allows and thankful that we don’t need to utilize any regular childcare. We are pretty much covered by parents and willing grandparents when the need arises.

Needless to say, it will be quiet here on the weekends. My blog that is, not the house. This house will probably be anything but quiet. When I’m off to work, Daddy swoops in and the girls have full-on Daddyfest for 48 hours or so. While I can’t be positive about what goes on around here while I’m gone, I’m pretty sure there is some of this…

Popcorn and movies

some of this…

Crazy outfits, serious silliness

And some major tickling involved.

I think he is even going to try to take both girls to a kid birthday party tomorrow morning… Brave man! Buena suerte, mi amor 😉


How a playground helped my marriage… January 6, 2011

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*Please excuse the cell phone pictures. This blogging venture is certainly going to teach me not to run around without my camera 🙂

The playground

So there is this park not too far from my house, that the girls and I stop at often when we are out running errands. It isn’t large, but it is well maintained and has all the essentials of a good park.  There is a great little playground with multiple climbing or sliding options, and that cool recycled-tire-squishy-rubber stuff on the ground.  There is a canopy stretched over the playground to shade it from the full strength Arizona sun.  There is also a nice grassy area (kind of a novelty out here), with a good hill for running or rolling down.  There are a couple of swing sets complete with “baby swings” and even a little amphitheater perfect for my little performing prancery-dancery playing girls.

Mountain view

We love this little park and the peaceful feel of its scattered benches under mature vegetation.  We enjoy the friendly “comings and goings” of the community that it serves.

This is a memorial park.  It rests beside the home church of a hero.  The park was completed about a year ago as a tribute to Officer Erik Hite who was shot and killed in 2008 while pursuing a suspect.

Hill roller

A couple of mornings ago, the girls and I played at this park.  It was one of those gorgeous sunny but snow-capped, (in the distance, of course), sort of days that we enjoy here. As I stopped to catch my breath, I saw Officer Hite’s name and the plaque in his honor.  My heart ached with the knowledge that there is a family in our community who is desperately missing him. Kids who are missing their daddy.  A wife who is missing her husband. Who would give just about anything to have him back…

And our family has one right now.  And he is a good one.  And I know I don’t appreciate him nearly enough. 


He may not do everything exactly the way I would (thank goodness!).  I may not always agree with his choices. But he is here and he loves us and we would be so. lost. without. him. 


How do you remember to appreciate every moment with your husband? Does he know you appreciate him?


Resolutions: more or less… January 5, 2011

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Ok, so I know we are a good five days in, but I am still getting used to the “real-time” nature of this blog thing:) These aren’t true resolutions, just the direction I want to move in this year.

In 2011 I want to:

  • Talk less. Write more.
  • Complain less. Pray more.
  • Rush less. Prepare more.
  • Argue less. Appreciate more.
  • Spend less. Give more.
  • I want to play more, sleep more, dance more, laugh more, love more.

I know, I know, all you fitnessy motivational friends of mine. They aren’t in the form of S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely). I do have a few of those too. They involve:

Spending more time in here:


And in these:

Due for a new pair. Hmm, incentive...

Out here:

Sonoran desert

And last but not least, 2011 will be the year I conquer this monster:

East coast crew: no basements out here! 🙂

 Yup, I’m pretty sure I’m going to make thousands on e-bay or Craig’s List. Did I really just post a picture of our messy garage on the internet? Seriously? Boundaries girl! 

I’d love to hear a resolution or two of yours. Do you recommend e-bay or Craig’s List? We have mostly barware “collectables”.