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Here goes something… October 9, 2010

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Oh, this blank screen before me… At this moment I am very much aware of a familiar theme in my life: Procrastination + Perfectionism = Pressure. So please excuse me while I just try to vent the lid a smidge.

Starting this blog account over a month ago was the ridiculously tiny step I finally took after thinking about  blogging for more than three years!! I know, hasty right?  I’m not really such tentative person, but writing seems somehow so personal and like such a dream that I can scarcely breathe right now. I have this churning in my gut that comes with the knowledge that this is very much part of who I am and my sense of purpose.

I would love for everything here to be “just so”. Well, I can “just so” myself into the next life! Nope, the template isn’t what I envision, the formatting isn’t done, & I don’t even have pictures uploaded for goodness sake.  But if I don’t do this now, I’m afraid I never will. And- oh my!- this is a biggie- it’s not going to be perfect! Wow! Shew and what a relief that was:)

Like I said, I’ve been mulling over this blog world for a while. It started with glancing at the “mommy blog” waters while pregnant with my first daughter a few years ago. It progressed to dipping in a toe by reading more regularly as a new mom. Then I waded in by frequently lurking and even occasionally commenting on some of my favorite blogs.  After much gentle encouragement from some bloggy friends, I found myself waist-deep in an account. Well, here goes- I’m diving in…, no, maybe a cannonball…, ok even a bellyflop- whatever! SPLASH!

 As my wise husband would say, “Lighten up! This should be fun, right?” Right.

So please extend me some grace as we go on this journey my friends. This blog definitely won’t be perfect, it may not be pretty, but it will probably be me. Thanks for reading, and I welcome your feedback.

Any other procrastinators out there? Why would we put off things we might enjoy or hold dear? How do you overcome it?